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YouTube creators as influencers

YouTube creators as influencers

YouTube creators as influencers

Does your video strategy revolve around YouTube creators as influencers? If it’s not, then it totally should! Here’s why.

In a world where viewers have total control and an ever-growing array of content to choose from, traditional primetime has been replaced by personal primetimes — moments of engagement that are completely driven by the viewer and their passions, rather than by what may make for the best Thursday night lineup.

In a recent survey Google conducted with Omnicom Media Group, for example, over 60% of respondents who’d watched something on YouTube in the previous 24 hours said it was related to something they were passionate about.

And influencers are surely a passionate bunch! As personal relevance and viewer passion take center stage, marketers need to rethink their approach to video.

YouTube users follow creators and influencers more than ever
YouTube users follow creators and influencers more than ever

Video is a unique and immersive way for influencers to build relationships with people. On YouTube, creators can break the fourth wall, listen and have a two-way dialogue with their fans, and build relationships based on their personalities.

More viewers than ever are becoming loyal fans: according to YouTube internal data, the number of YouTube users who follow creators and engage with their channels every day grew by a massive 70% between 2017 and 2018.

When Brita paired up NBA superstar Steph Curry with YouTube influencer KingBach, they had one mantra: “Let creators work.” The brand let the duo create their own video explaining the benefits of the Brita Stream water filter to a young audience. The result? A hilarious, catchy, and surprisingly heartwarming video that generated over two million views and led to a 2,000% lift in mobile searches.

Collaborating with creators is a high-impact way to reach engaged audiences, but you can also reach customers through the creators they love by serving ads alongside the relevant channel.

In either way, plan your strategy accordingly — and structure your next video campaign so that it includes influencers. Good luck out there, and let us know if you need any help!

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