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Foursquare Attribution expands to measure offline foot traffic

Outdoor Advertising

Foursquare Attribution expands to measure offline foot traffic

It’s Foursquare Day today (4²=16, get it?) — and it’s only right we spread some buzz the location-based app has come up with recently.

The offline foot traffic from the billboard ads, ROI of which you always wanted to measure, can be as well tracked and attributed with the newly announced channel measurement solution for Out-of-Home, or outdoor advertising.

Attribution by Foursquare works by defining the specific area around each billboard from which the client’s advertisement is viewable. The Pilgrim technology then determines when a mobile device moves through this viewable area, so it knows the user was exposed to the advertisement. Next, they match exposed devices to store visits. Isn’t it beautiful?

The machine learning methodology (which debuted last year with Spotify) takes this exposure data and uses it to calculate incremental lift (in other words: how many more people went to a store as a result of the billboard) to show a marketer the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

Foursquare can uniquely measure lift by 500+ distinct consumer factors and attributes, such as DMA, gender, age group, historical visits, loyalty to certain types of retailers and more, uncovering granular insights into the true characteristics that drive incrementality. They also help marketers unlock demographic insights about their visitors to make more strategic planning decisions and improve future campaigns.

We definitely see a tremendous potential in measuring offline foot traffic for omnichannel campaign measurement, including the usage of location-based technology in mixed influencer campaigns and offline word-of-mouth conversion measurement.

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