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Influencer marketing
on steroids

Forget what you know about “influencers”. Our AI-powered influencer discovery algorithm finds accounts that have real impact on your target audience.

Redefine influence

Find unique accounts that will resonate with your audience.

Choose your audience

Set keywords

Discover accounts

Reach your business objectives

Laser focus on your most important KPI’s.

Amplify organic word-of-mouth

Drive brand awareness by making the right people engage in generic conversations about your product.

Improve brand perception

Build positive image around your product, tell stories that spread and make impact.

Inspire purchase decisions

Be there when your audience is ready to buy, target them with the right offer and sell more.

How do we find influencers?

Our algorithm measures tens of unique criteria to discover accounts that are most likely to bring results.
Existing organic exposure
Audience intersections and overlap
Nature and quality of engagement
Quality over quantity
While traditional insights like total reach, views, and followers might seem appealing, our approach to choosing influencers is different. We deploy scientifically proven indicators to map out content that impacts human perception and behavior.
Campaign is king
Content is important, but the more sophisticated and creative is your overall campaign planning and perspective on influencer choice, the more effective your activities are gonna be. We help to piece together this challenging puzzle.
Trust the science
Going with the gut feeling or judging by visual attractiveness is so romantic, but it does not always work in marketing, and you end up wasting your budgets. Trust the data — measured and analyzed, so you can achieve kick-ass results.
49% of purchasers
rely on influencer
Improve your
chances to sell more.
92% of people
trust individuals
over brands.
Partner with the
reliable ones.

Choose your plan

Step your influencer marketing game up with our simple plans.
A monthly flat rate — and you’re all set.
Starter plan
  • 1 target audience
  • Unlimited target keywords
  • Up to 5 influencer accounts
Popular Choice
Pro plan
  • 5 target audiences
  • Unlimited target keywords
  • Up to 15 influencer accounts
Advanced plan
  • Unlimited target audiences
  • Unlimited target keywords
  • Up to 50 influencer accounts

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Brands that value the smart approach to influencer discovery.

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